Android Custom Scrollable Tabs

Recently I was searching for android custom fancy tabs, and my requirement was to call difference intent on each tab. For this purpose i developed custom fancy tabs radio buttons that calls different activity on each tab click.

My Screens looks like:
Android Custom Tabs GUI
Android Custom Tabs GUI
If your requirements are to develop such type tabs then continue reading. You will find complete source code here now so enjoy :)

Click the link to download complete source code:

Download Source code

You can further customize the source code (provided as above link) to show the tabs at top of the activity, with different GUI.

Scrollable Tabs with different GUI
And this is the more sophisticated and professional design of Scrollable Tabs often required by various clients. So enjoy your source code :)

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5 Responses to “Android Custom Scrollable Tabs”

  1. This source code has been tested and works fine. If you have any queries regarding source code feel free to add your valuable comments

  2. seems interesting .... thanks for sharing this.

  3. Thanks a lot. I was exactly searching for this and found here :)

  4. Thanks. It worked for me. I like the scrollable functionality very much :)

  5. Thanks for sharing such a good source code


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