Dealing with JSP Cookies


Cookies are text files stored on the client computer and they are kept for various information tracking purpose.

Cookies can be set , read and deleted by a programer by following below simple steps:

Setting Cookies 

           Setting cookies with JSP involves three steps:
  • Creating a Cookie object 
                     Cookie cookie = new Cookie("key","value");
  •  Setting the maximum age 
  •  Sending the Cookie into the HTTP response headers

Reading Cookies

    • To read cookies, you need to create an array of javax.servlet.http.Cookie objects by calling the getCookies( ) method of HttpServletRequest. 

Deleting Cookies

  • deleting cookies is very simple. If you want to delete a cookie then you simply need to follow up following three steps:
  • Read an already existing cookie and store it in Cookie object.
  • Set cookie age as zero using setMaxAge() method to delete an existing cookie.
  • Add this cookie back into response

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